“Omugole” is a generic Bantu word that means “The Bride”. Marriage, as the central stage of one’s life here on earth, is coveted by many. Likewise, many cultural and religious rituals are done to ensure its stability, wellbeing, and survival. What is it that makes marriage a special stage in one’s life? MEBO Theatre has just concluded Season 1 of its Omugole Forum Theatre Tours dubbed “The Bridal Caravan” in Busoga and its neighborhoods. The Caravan of 10 young men and women set off from Kampala early morning of 12 October 2016 and returned late evening of 15 October 2016. In its 4-day sojourn, the Caravan performed to approximately 8,000 people as follows:

Buyende District:  Ngandho Primary School, Ngandho Township Primary School and Bagiire Memorial School
Kamuli district St Peter’s S S Namwendwa.
Sironko district In the Market Place and at Promised Gardens opposite Budadiri Girls School. Here we performed to 25 primary school’s representatives attending a reading gala, their parents and teachers in the presence of the DEO and Prime Minister (PM) of Inzu ya Masaaba.
Namutumba district Kibaale High School and Buseene community at Kawempe. We also visited Kibaale Primary school to talk to the children and staff there.
Kampala Mid and late September, the Caravan staged shows at Andrews and Ndere Centre


The tour will resume in December/January.

We invite you to enjoy the exciting highlights of the caravan! And, please, drop us a line when you can!

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