Bad Bags/Good Bags

“Bad Bags/Good Bags – All around the World” is an art project by German artist and teacher Reinhard Wanzke. On his “All around the World” tour he first stopped in Kampala at Rainbow House of Hope doing some volunteer work. He arrived end of November and immediately started to search for artists in Kampala, who would like to contribute one art work that fits into one of the “Bad Bags/Good Bags”.

In Frankfurt (D), where Wanzke lives, the inaugural exhibition took place in October 2016 with seven artists being friend of him.

What is special about the way he exhibits the works is as follows: the works of the local artists remain hidden in the bags. In Kampala for the first time the Frankfurt art works will be shown to the public. The Kampala artists’ works will be hidden in the bags, but will be shown on his next stop in Sydney (AUS).

Wanzke will return to Frankfurt on 29th of June 2017 from New York (USA). There will be the last exhibition with the New York artist works hidden in the bags and 42 art works public. After his return to Frankfurt there will be a final show with the entire collection of art works shown to the public and the Bad Bags/Good Bags are empty.

Kampala Artists                                                               Frankfurt Artists

Amos Musoke, Kampala (UG)                                            Stephan von Borstel, Kassel (D)

El Seed, Kampala (UG)                                                     Jorn Budesheim, Kassel (D)

Waswad, Kampala (UG)                                                    Robert Cristinetti, Frankfurt (D)

Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi, Kampala (UG)                             Birgit Dunkel, Hamburg (D)

Tibirusya Rolands R., Kampala (UG)                                   Maren Floesser, Frankfurt (D)

Andrew Kaggwa/Victor and Kenzo, Rainbow                       Horst Hamann, Frankfurt (D)

House of Hope, Kampala (UG)                                           Thomas Kampe, London (GB)

Twiga, Kampala (UG)                                                         Dagmar Sippel, Paris (F)


Most of the Kampala artists will be present.

Reinhard Wanzke, Micheal Mwase and his

Excellency German Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda Dr, Peter Blomeyer will give some words of welcome.

Andrew Kaggwa, art critic will make the opening speech.

Music will be performed by Timothy Nabulwa and the RHU Band.

During the opening Roland R. Tibirusya will perform a live Painting.

Time: Opening on Thursday, 05th of January 2017 at 5pm

Venue: The New Nsambya Art Crafts Centre, Booth No.5 (behind Sharing Youth Centre)

Further opening times: Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm

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