About Mebo Theatre

MEBO Theatre stages adventure and caravan theatre within Uganda and Eastern Africa at large.  The theatre engages children and youth, MEBO Theatre alumni as well as students and staff in music, dance, drama,  folk and ethnic arts  at my alma mater, Makerere University.

MEBO Theatre is also present in the stocks of plays written and published by us and on the virtual platforms hosted on this website. MEBO Theatre is driven by a desire  for Value, Virtue and Prestige in Theatre.

Mebo Theatre Philosophy

MEBO Theatre does not promote celebrities. It makes celebrities. Through its experimental work, training and mentorship programmes. MEBO Theatre grows young talent into experts able to go on and shine in life as play/theatre makers: -playwrights, directors, actors, animators, story-tellers, theatre and cultural producers of others.


Mebo Theatre Stages and Objctives

Basing on its adventure and caravan theatre, MEBO Theatre stages in different locations within Uganda and Eastern Africa. MEBO Theatre objective is to give our audiences, clients and associates the ultimate theatre experience. MEBO Theatre is driven by a desire for Value, Virtue and Prestige in Theatre.