Sampling Ugandan Names (Personal Names Working For or Against Us)


If names are labels we must have for us to be put on life’s stalls, that is, when we get born into this world, then it is important to know how the labels will affect us. Will they help market us (the product) effectively or send away would-be our lifeline clients or customers?

The expositions in this book however go beyond this basic purpose to reveal who we are deep inside and among the communities we are born, work, and live. In most cases, our names have social and cultural meanings, too, and likewise affect us. The book presents brief profiles of contributors basing on their personal names. 46 Ugandan names from across the country have been sampled including one belonging to a Tanzanian and two contributors whose either parents come from Kenya and Rwanda respectively.


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Book Specifications: 21 x 27 cm, inside 135 art paper, full colour, with portraits, 64pp, paperback.


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